Student Financial Problems are very serious

Continuing our satire theme. We present to you a Video on what happens when you have student loan STDs.
It’s only for fun. Do not take it seriously. And no offense intended.

Love their sign out line:
There’s no cure for student financial problems. Be safe. Have rich Parents!!


Our second post: Thought we use satire as the base for this one.

For our second post, we thought instead of giving you the relevant news links (which we keep updating on Facebook) we might as well put in satire to ease the situation.

Read this piece:

How to Voluntarily Acquire Financial Debt Through College (Satire)

College students

As a side note, I debated whether or not if this post belonged on this blog. Education is frequently a very one-sided argument and I wrote it back in June of 2012. Well, here it is:

College is a wonderful time for everyone, especially eager high school graduates willing to take out loans that will indenture them into a life of compounding debt long after they graduate from college.

Why not pursue a college degree? After all, it awards you a shiny piece of paper they call your credential, and all it costs is about five years (which is the average) and several decades of debts from yesteryear and beyond. If you are not convinced that you need a college education just yet, there are tons of testimonials that can convince you otherwise.

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